Sun. Oct 25th, 2020

Facebook Has Created a Virtual Office Space for Those Working From Home

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During Facebook Connect, the social media and tech giant unveiled its latest creation in virtual reality for those working from home, creating a virtual office space through Oculus.

Dubbed Infinite Office, the feature uses Oculus’ VR headsets, creating a virtual office environment that you can create to your liking. Much like your real office space, the new program allows you to add a number of customizable displays so you can work more efficiently across multiple monitors.

Of course, to make work possible, you’ll need hardware integration as well, since the Oculus controllers aren’t sufficient for business applications. To do this, Facebook teamed up with Logitech to integrate its K830 keyboard into the VR world, so you can type away just as you would in the reality. There’ll also be a handful of other features that enhance your working experiences, such as Spatial, which enables virtual meetings, or Passthrough, a technology that allows you to toggle between a full VR mode or a hybrid one with your actual surroundings.

For now, Facebook is planning to make available Infinite Office as an experimental release for its newly announced Oculus Quest 2 later this year and will open up more development features to developers.

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