Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

Black hole: THIS is what would happen if you got close to a black hole

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Black holes remain one of the most mysterious entities in the universe, with scientists knowing little about them, and what is on the inside. Their ability to completely deconstruct the laws of physics remain both baffling and mesmerising.

Black holes completely break the laws of physics with their singularity at the centre, which is a one-dimensional point where gravity becomes infinite and space and time become curved.

The only other point in nature where a singularity existed is at the Big Bang.

What is inside a back hole is a mystery, but one expert believes that if you were to get close to the event horizon – the point of no return where the clutches of the black hole’s gravity becomes to powerful that nothing, not even light, can escape – you would be burned alive in the accretion disc.

The friction generated by these discs as they are pushed and shoved by the extreme gravitational force is so large that it can produce a tremendous amount of energy, depending on the size of the black hole.

According to astrophysicist Paul Stutter, getting close to the accretion disc would burn you to a crisp.

He wrote for Live Science: “Indeed, lots of stuff in the universe finds itself orbiting around black holes. Once these foolhardy adventurers get caught in the black hole’s gravitational embrace, they begin the journey toward the end.

“As material falls toward the black hole, it tends to get squeezed into a razor-thin band known as an accretion disk.

“That disk spins and spins, with heat, friction, and magnetic and electric forces energizing it, causing the material to glow brightly.

“In the case of the most massive black holes, the accretion disks around them glow so intensely that they get a new name: active galactic nuclei (AGN), capable of outshining millions of individual galaxies.

“In the accretion disk, individual bits of material rub up against other bits, draining them of rotational energy and driving them ever-inward to the gaping maw of the black hole’s event horizon.

“But still, if it weren’t for those frictional forces, the material would be able to orbit around the black hole in perpetuity, the same way that the planets can orbit around the sun for billions of years.”

Even if you were to somehow make it past the accretion disc and the event horizon, there would be no chance of survival heading towards a black hole.

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A black hole’s gravitational pull is so strong that not even light can escape from them.

So, if a person in a spacesuit were travelling foot first towards a black hole, they would be torn and stretched apart.

This is due to a process called “spaghettification”. The immense gravitational pull is so strong that the force is much stronger at the base than the top.

For example, if you were travelling feet first into a black hole, the gravity be so strong you would literally be ‘spaghettified’, and you would be stretched out to a point where you would just be a stream of atoms heading towards the centre.

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