Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

Daily horoscope for May 20: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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The middle of the working week sees the arrival of Gemini season. And Wednesday also offers the opportunity to wave goodbye to Taurus influencing the Sun.

The Sun enters Gemini today, meaning now is the time to re-evaluate how the mutable sign treats you.

Gemini season arrives at an unusual time for the sociable star sign.

You may have forgotten how to speak to an actual human being during these strange times.

There have recently been so many Zoom, Skype and FaceTime chats you may be barely able to take any more.


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The time and effort required trying to remotely decipher other people’s non-verbal ticks can be utterly exhausting.

Many people now yearn for a straightforward chat without the medium of a monitor.

Fortunately, the Gemini Sun is here to help you this Wednesday.

Geminis are typically enthusiastic, social beings easily able to strike-up conversations.

One reason Geminis always have interesting things to say is that they are intelligent and inquisitive.

As a result, Geminis season can bring some much-needed fun and frivolity to this overly serious world.

The Moon enters the sign of the bull Taurus today.

This star sign can give you a chance at a smooth transition.


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You will soon be dealing with brand new concerns, activities, people and ideas.

Now is the ideal opportunity to wrap up the past four weeks.

Try and use today to understand what have you learned, achieved or left behind.

Perhaps tidy up loose ends with today’s Taurus Moon and consolidate your achievements.

This Taurus Moon also forms a Square with Saturn – considered exactly what is needed to screw your head to your shoulders in the morning.

Take the temporary pain of this aspect, because the Moon will soon Sextile Mars and Conjuncts Uranus.

This kicks-off an opportune time to look back and see what exactly you have recently achieved.

The Red Planet Mars can offer a great energy boost, meaning you can accomplish a lot with your day.

Venus is about to Square Neptune potentially providing an artistic touch today.

The Square is the aspect where planets and other horoscope points are approximately 90 distant in the Zodiac.

The classical astrology meaning of a Square is that the powers involved are in conflict, meaning they can cause trouble for one another.

You may consequently need to be taken out of yourself tonight.

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